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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Some interesting thoughts on here - and displays of common sense. Let's not fall into the trap of "typical City". If one party thinks that the club is ripe for a takeover, then it's perfectly reasonable that another party will have the same view. And it's more than likely that different parties will have different motivations/plans. If a non-football investor comes in, then somebody like Ranson will have lost his chance with this club - similarly, if Ranson succeeds in buying the club, then an investor looking for a quick killing will have lost their chance. All of this means that it's likely to get a bit grubby IF a deal is looking like it might happen. That's pretty much what happened at Liverpool - but I doubt most of us were living that saga minute by minute (or cared so much) and so it wasn't quite as painful! And look at what is happening at Arsenal - so this is not a "City" thing. I for one do believe that Wardle is motivated by the best interests of the club. His personal stake in the club doing well is more than most of us could ever imagine and it seems to me that the relationship between him getting his money back, the way the club performs and whether or not he readily agrees to sell his stake is more complex than most of us give him credit for. Bear in mind that more than 70% of the club is NOT owned by Wardle and Makin, which is quite a lot to aim at if you're intent on buying up some of the club - if, perhaps, an expensive way. I think we need to have a bit of faith that's he's got the club's interests at heart.
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