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Thursday, 19 April 2007

City takeover "more likely"

Pearce has confirmed a major investment into Manchester City is looking more likely.John Wardle has been in intense negotiations with an un-named buyer for his stake in the Eastlands outfit, which could deliver some much-needed funds for Pearce to strengthen his squad in the summer.Strange story: 1 comment, 1 question. Comment - who can blame Wardle for thinking "sod it!" and being willing to sell his shares to anybody who will buy them at the market price and will help resolve the "loan" situation? He's a City fan and I can imagine that every now and then he wonders if this was what he expected for rescuing the club and "living the dream". (By "this" I mean other fans calling for his head.) Question - those people who reckon this is a scam to generate season ticket sales - are you "allowed" to make public claims about potential takeovers, investment, etc when you are running a plc? It seems a bit dodgy to me because when this was first announced, the share price went up - I just wonder if there are rules about that sort of thing.
John Devon

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